25i Nbome


Formal Name:
4-iodo-2,5-dimethoxy-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]-benzeneethanamine, monohydrochloride
CAS Number: 1043868-97-8
Molecular Formula: C18H22INO3 • HCl
Formula Weight: 463.7
Purity: ≥98%
Formulation: A neat solid

Storage: -20°C
Shipping: Room Temperature in continental US; may vary elsewhere
Stability: ≥ 4 years

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25I-NBOMe (2C-I-NBOMe, Cimbi-5, also shortened to “25I“) is a synthetic hallucinogen; that is used in biochemistry research for mapping the brain’s usage of the type 2A serotonin receptor; it is also sometimes use for recreational purposes. A derivative of the substituted phenethylamine 2C-I family, it is the most well-known member of the 25-NB family. I discovered it in 2003 by chemist Ralf Heim at the Free University of Berlin; who published his findings in his PhD dissertation . The compound was subsequently investigated by a team at Purdue University led by David Nichols nbome n bomb mbome nbome drug 25i.m bome

25I-NBOMe Chemical online – 5-dimethoxy-N-[(2-methoxyphenyl)methyl]-benzeneethanamine

Although 25I-NBOMe was found in 2003; it did not emerge as a common recreational drug until 2010; when it was first sold by vendors specializing in the supply of designer drugs. In a slang context; the name of the compound is often shortened to “25I” or is simply called “N-Bomb”. According to a 2014 survey 25I-NBOMe was the most frequently used of the NBOMe series. By 2013, case reports of 25I-NBOMe intoxication, with and without analytic confirmation of the drug in the body, were becoming increasingly common in the medical literature. mbome

25I-NBOMe is widely rumored to be orally inactive; however, apparent overdoses have occurred via oral administration. Common routes of administration include sublingual, buccal, and intranasal. For sublingual and buccal administration; 25I-NBOMe is often applied to sheets of blotter paper of which small portions (tabs) are held in the mouth to allow absorption through the oral mucosa. There are reports of intravenous injection of 25I-NBOMe solution and smoking the drug in powdered form. mbome

Due to its potency and much lower cost than so-called classical or traditional psychedelics; 25I-NBOMe blotters are sometimes misrepresented as, or mistaken for, LSD blotters. Even small quantities of 25I-NBOMe can produce numerous blotters. Vendors would import 25I-NBOMe in bulk (E.G 1 kilogram containers) and resell individual doses for a considerable profit. mbome

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25I-NBOMe is potent, being active in sub-milligram doses. A common dose of the hydrochloride salt is 600–1,200 µg. The UK Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs states that a common dose is between 50 and 100 µg, although other sources show these figures are incorrect; Erowid tentatively suggests that the threshold dosage for humans is 50–250 µg, with a light dose between 200 and 600 µg, a common dose at 500–800 µg, and a hefty dose at 700–1500 µg. At this level of potency, it is not possible to accurately measure a single dose of 25I-NBOMe powder without an analytical balance, and attempting to do so may put the user at significant risk of overdose nbome, 25i-nbome, 25i nbome, n bomb, mbome, nbome drug, 25i . mbome

25I-NBOMe presumably exhibits functional selectivity at the 5HT2A receptor similar to other phenethylamine hallucinogens, activating the Phospholipase A2 signal cascade, which is responsible for the release of Thromboxane A2, triggering blood platelet aggregation. Excessive concentrations of TXA2 could lead to thrombosis; which when coupled with 25I-NBOMe’s vasoconstrictive effect, is a major risk factor for cardiac ischemia, a dangerous condition the symptoms of which are present in several toxicological reports.


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