CAS: 111982-50-4
Formula: C13H16FNO
Molecular weight: 221.275 G/MOL
Compound purity: ≥98%

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Buy 2FDCK Online stands for 2-Fluorodeschloroketamine. This substance is a synthetic dissociative that is very similar to ketamine. Also, Like ketamine, experiments with 2-FDCK frequently yield findings of hallucinations, euphoria, and conceptual thinking. Moreover; Chemically, 2-FDCK is nearly structurally identical to ketamine, however, with 2-FDCK, the chlorine group has been replaced by fluorine. Furthermore, 2-FDCK is not as heavily experimented with as ketamine. however, a lot of excitement is building around 2-FDCK because of its research properties and its positive legal status in many countries. Top Stealth Packaging USA, Canada, Australia

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This substance is probably one of the most expected research chemicals of all time in the dissociative class. Also, It is in a league of its own when compare to synthetics such as diphenidine and methoxphenidine.

2-Fluorodeschloroketamine is a dissociative anesthetic. 2-FDCK is a lesser-known dissociative substance of the arylcyclohexylamine class that produces dissociative, anesthetic, and hallucinogenic effects. 2-FDCK is like ketamine related to arylcyclohexylamines and deschloroketamine.

It has recently become available in the research chemical market. we supply 2-FDCK in powder form. Ensure to store the 2-FDCK powder in a dry place.

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We ship Monday to Friday, same day dispatch if ordered. It is primarily sought by recreational users for its ability to induce a hallucinogenic “out of body” state  as “dissociative anesthesia”; (although the extent to which this occurs is highly dose-dependent). Also, It has recently become available through online research chemical vendors; where it is being sold as a designer drug replacement for ketamine.

The cognitive effects of 2-FDCK is compare to ketamine and some users find the effects nearly indistinguishable. Subjectively, the experience on 2-FDCK tends to be paced at a slower rate alongside distinct psychedelic effects; which differ slightly from ketamine. Some users also report that 2-FDCK can sometimes produce slightly more confusion and generally more difficulty to “hole” with higher dosages, while others don’t seem to notice this and instead treat it being equally enjoyable whilst also retaining the same antidepressant effects that ketamine produces.



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